New Products in the Shop!


For this winter 2015 we are expanding our store to include a couple new products!

The Flat Deck Graffiti 41″


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2015 we are looking wider in terms of our custmers. We are now giving some more time and energy for our beginners and want to give them the best experience with Project and wakeskating as possible. With our new 2015 flat deck 41″ wakeskate we hope to get some new faces into the wonderful world of wakeskating. Its simplistic design ensures consistency and reliability on the water. Built with the same tough materials as our pro concaves these flat decks will always be in perfect riding condition. For the years to come your first board from Project will be willing and able for any conditions.

The Balance Board


In exploration of new things we at Project Co. have designed our first balance board for the home and outdoors! The balance board is built to last. Tough as nails the balance board can handle any person’s weight. The balance board will not break under the pressure. Balance boards enhances your core strength and improves your balance. Our riders have found it to better their riding on the water. It has helped with their styles, consistency and hitting obstacles. Water-proof and shock-proof the balance board can be left outside in the rain and still be the same indestructible board you unpacked from the box.


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The plastic cylinder is wrapped in a soft EVA foam is safe for indoor use. The foam will protect your floors in your home from any unwanted scratches.  A great addition to the Project Co. shop the Balance Board is a part of the lifestyle Project advocates.


More new products to come this spring.